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When’s the Best Time to Buy a New Home?


We admittedly confess that there are a lot of different opinions about the perfect time to actually buy a home fast. The National Association of Realtors clearly states that many home are normally sold and bought between the month of April and July.

Towards the end of spring, most families actually prepare for the end of the school year and also summer vacation. Most of the homeowners normally put their property on the market during the summer ad spring months simply because they do not want to move during the school period. Additionally, most sellers don’t feel comfortable moving during the colder months when they really have to deal with winter and autumn storms.

Toward the end of April and through the summer are the periods you are more likely to get a home that fully suits your budget and your criteria when there is an abundance of homes up for sale. Certain homeowners always want to make particular improvements on their property right before they put it on the market and actually take full advantage of holiday sales to buy what they essentialneed to smarten up their home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Statistic clearly indicate that homes that are normally listed in the spring have an extremely higher sales rate, and a possible buyer is more likely to pay the price you are asking for. Most of the potential buyers have received tax refunds and actually have funds for an initial payment. In certain cases, you can easily find decent homes within your budget between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can be sure that homes listed in November and December normally have price reductions simply because they did not sell at the purchaser’s asking price earlier in the year. If you are finding it hard to navigate the real estate market, then it is advisable to seek guidance from a real estate agent.

Making an offer on a home in January is actually a perfect tip for house hunters. After the Christmas holidays, mostindividuals are not actively looking for a new home. As a matter of fact, most sellers are tentative to list their homes in the month of January. Because ofintemperate weather and the fact that most of the possiblebuyers are not actively searching for a house, most homes do not show very well. Since there is very little competition for homes, a seller is more likely to take your offer.

Another perfect time to purchase a home is when it is more financially sound for you to actually own instead of renting. You can easily make a comparison with a home for sale and a rental property in the same price range and with similar features. Divide the selling price of the house for sale by the rent for 1 year of the other house.

Final thought

To be honest, the perfect time to actually purchase a home is when you are well-establishedfinancially. Once your debt to income ratio is completely under control and if you are free of any kind of debt, you may begin thinking about buying a decent home. It greatly helps if you get pre-approved by a lender once you start searching the extensive real estate market. You should set some money aside for the initial payment as early as possible after you decide to purchase a home. Preferably, a 20% down payment is ideal, but certain lenders will accepta 10% down payment. You can decide to use realtor America to make sure you get your perfect kind of home.



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