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Why For-Sale-by-Owner Sales Fail


FSBO sales usually fail and there are several reasons behind it. Though you are the owner of your house and you know every corner of it very well but when it comes to ascertain its value, you can’t ascertain it in fair way because you are not the best salesperson. I can understand that you want to sell your home fast but doing it by yourself is not a good option. Rather you should go to some salesperson or Realtor who may help you in the best possible way. There are several advantages of approaching to a right Realtor that are discussed in the following lines.

Advantages to sell a house with a Realtor:

These following bullet points will show you that why For Sale By Owners fail and why its always suggested to work with a Realtor.

  • As you aren’t professional and don’t know what’s going on in the market, you can’t find the true market value of your house. So in this way it will just remain your dream to sell your house fast. Contrary to it, a Realtor knows the market data regarding current sales so he can suggest best price for your home.
  • A major problem arises when the buyers are ready to check your home but you aren’t accessible. Its really a great drawback of FSBO because in your absence you will not be able to make a deal. But a Realtor can negotiate in your best interest even when you will not be available. This all will save your time and efforts.

  • FSBO is sometimes not convenient for the buyers because in the presence of the owner they can’t inspect the house clearly. While a Realtor can show them every corner of the house to satisfy them.
  • When the buyers come to know that you are selling the house, they start visiting it. But there are some persons to whom you don’t want to sell your house due to several reasons. But when you are selling it by yourself, you have to face them anyway. Well, a Realtor can screen the buyers and show your house to those that are reliable and really interested in making a deal with you.
  • FSBO sales also result in failure because owners don’t possess necessary professional marketing expertise. While a Realtor has wide marketing knowledge as well.
  • FSBO usually not prove successful because the owners are not equipped by legal knowledge and rules and regulations. On the other hand, Realtor know how to negotiate a contract, how to sell your home fast, how to get compliance with local and legal regulations and much more.

Hence, selling your home with reliable Realtors is worth considering. They not only save your time and sell your home fast but also keep you away from different difficulties. Legal requirements and procedures are not easy to meet with. But a trusted and professional Realtor can make your task very easy. He will negotiate on your behalf and prepare a valid contract that will save your from several penalties.


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